Things Caught On CCTV We Simply Cannot Explain

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Published: October 4, 2016

Welcome to yet another Slapped Ham video production, the YouTube channel with almost 500,000 subscribers that feeds you top 10 lists, countdowns, and facts about everything. Ghosts on camera. From a man getting possessed in a convenience store to a poltergeist tearing an office apart, we take a look at 5 ghostly spirits caught on camera.

There is very little information available for the video in which a car just hits a ghost, so if you know anything or if you have heard something please comment in the section below. A CCTV footage shows a car driving down a parking lot, then, it seems to hit some kind of shadowy figure and then stops suddenly. The passengers get out of the car to see what they have hit but there is nothing there.

There is another popular and no less shocking footage caught on CCTV that appears to show a man being possessed by a demonic spirit. It is very easy to dismiss this footage as a man having some kind of seizure, but do not be so quick to judge: watch closely how something reflects off the glass door and then things inexplicably fall down off the shelf.

In a different security footage taken in an unknown grocery store, you can observe how a shopping trolley eerily moves across the room. At first, it is easy to think that someone has pushed the shopping trolley off camera but then it turns and wheels up the ramp all on its own. Makes you never go out shopping at night, doesn’t’ it?

Located in Bolton in Greater Manchester, there is the Ye Old Man and Scythe Pub. The pub is reputedly the 4th oldest in England built way back in 1251 and sits near the Parish Church on the historic Churchgate, site of a famous Civil War execution. On the morning of February 14, 2014, the owner discovered a broken glass on the floor of the bar. When he went to check the CCTV footage he noticed that it stopped filming 06:18 that morning. The security camera filming up that time captured what it appears to be a hooded man standing at the bar.

During the night of November 1st, 2012 at the Castlefield House in Manchester CCTV footage captured some terrifying events. As guards reviewed the security tapes they witnessed some kind of poltergeist as it ripped through the office building. After some hair-raisingly eerie goings on you can take a look in the video at the top of the page, it seems that the poltergeist suddenly decides to leave. Then, everything in the office returns to normal.

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      BroncoBob · 43 weeks ago

      The video at 0:31 was me and me mate in his car, we hit the old woman, (me mudder in law) it caught her and tossed her up under the wheel well and bent up me rear wing abit. We buried the old biddy in the back yard.