These Are The 5 Most Haunted Forests In The World

SlappedHamPublished: October 4, 2016Updated: October 5, 2016180 views
Published: October 4, 2016Updated: October 5, 2016

Have they ever told you you shouldn’t go out in a forest all alone? There is a perfectly good reason for that too. There is something inherently forbidding about a dark, brooding forest. The unknown about these places is what draws us the most, making the hair on our back tingle. Anybody can say they have heard disembodied cries in some nearby forest,k but when it comes to these five locations, Slapped Ham guarantees they are real!

Number 5 on this list in Pinewoods Cemetery in New York. Built in the late 19th century by a group of wealthy businessmen as a place for the urban dwellers to get some chill, the place is now the breeding ground for many an urban legend. Locals know it as ‘the gateway to hell’, saying they have felt some unusual cold spots, heard children laughing in the shadows and felt like someone was pushing them on the back. The latest is the story of a taxi driver, who told a historian that he picked up a girl in a party dress in front of the Emma Willard School, who asked to be taken to Pinewood, but vanished as soon as they passed by the cemetery.

Number 4 is the Screaming Woods in Pluckley, also known as one of the most haunted villages in the UK. Pluckley is located in the Ashford district of Kent, a town that has reported a total of 15 ghosts that haunt various locations across the village. One such location is Dering Woods, where screams can be heard by all who travel pass it, dubbing it Screaming Woods. One most famous ghost is of a highwayman believed to be killed by the police in the 18th century. According to legends, on a still night, you can see the ghostly re-enactment where the police pin down the highwayman with a sword on an oak tree; his screams filling the forest.

Number 3 is still in England. Wychwood Forest in rural Oxfordshire is known for the mystery that shrouds it. Locals have reported whispers and screams, even children crying. Curious tourists have said that they felt nauseated as they went deeper into the woods. In the deep of the forest, an eerie tree stands said to create feelings of dread to anyone who visits. Apparently, it was once used as a hanging tree.

We skip from Europe to Japan, to a forest known as the sea of trees, a location popular as a suicide destination. Located along the northwest of mount Fiji, the dense forest of Aokigahara is chillingly quit due to the lack of wildlife. If you want to take a hike, your compass or GPS device will do you no good here.

Last on this creepy list is a place known as the most haunted forest in the world. Keep watching if you are curious to find out where that is!


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