These Are Some Of Nature's Unusual Wonders That Just Have To Be Seen

SlappedHamPublished: October 4, 201622 views
Published: October 4, 2016

Nature is filled with wonder, but there are some hidden gems around the globe that just have to be seen to be believed. Flaming waterfalls, exploding lakes and endless lightning are but a few of the bizarre spectacles that Mother Nature has graced us with and they all look like they might just be a scene off a science fiction movie. Join us as Slapped Ham counts down the five most weird wonders of nature that just have to be seen to be believed.

Antarctica hides a spectacle that many believe is the gateway to hell. When you think of Antarctica, you think pristine whiteness, but in reality, there is one bloody red waterfall, spewing rust-colored water from the frozen ground. In reality, the water is just tainted with iron oxide, which is literally rust, giving the water that recognizable bloody hue.

We move further north to Venezuela, where the world’s biggest electric light show can be witnessed. Known as the Catatumbo Lightning, this event occurs at the mouth of the Catatumber River and Lake Maracaibo. Whoever visits the show is treated to a lightning storm 140 to 160 nights per year, 10 hours a day with up to 280 flashes per hour!

Antarctica may have its bloody waterfall, but in Africa there is something known as the Bloody Lake. Located in Tanzania, Natron Lake has a pH level of over 12. High level of evaporation have left behind a corrosive mix of minerals that salt-loving microorganisms love to feast on. The red color comes from the bacteria, which creates it by photosynthesizing after munching on the salt.

If you thought that water and fire don’t mix, think again! An incredible natural attraction is located Shale Creek Preserve in Chestnut Ridge National Park, New York State, where a natural gas seep can be found. Geologists who have studied the phenomenon say that seep has much higher concentrations of ethane and propane, keeping the light burning bright year round.

This last location is probably the most dangerous of them all. Abraham’s Lake in western Alberta, Canada, is dotted with white bubbles across its frozen surface. It may look magical, but travelers, beware! The bubbles are actually created by plants deep down in the water, which produce methane gas. Photographers love the place, but they would never even think of lighting a cigarette nearby!


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