Fascinating Theories About Civilizations Visited By Aliens

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Published: October 4, 2016

Since the dawn of time man has looked up at the stars and wondered if there was anyone out there. But have you ever asked yourself, what if extraterrestrials have already been here? What if they have guided and shaped past civilizations and what if they actually fathered mankind itself? Join us as we ask the question – Were ancient civilizations visited by aliens? From Nazi flying saucers to ancient aircraft schematics, join us as we ask the question – Were ancient civilizations visited by aliens? Here are some civilizations that claim they were visited by aliens.

During World War 2 rumors began circulating of a Nazi flying machine known as the Haunebu. This machine was described as saucer-like in appearance. Ancient Indians. In the ancient Hindu mythologies the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, several passages refer to flying machines known as vimanas. Mayans. Chariots of The Gods author, and ancient astronaut advocate, Erich von Däniken believed that the carvings on the sarcophagus of the Mayan ruler Pakal The Great, were of the leader piloting some sort of spacecraft. Ancient Alien Artwork. According to Russian researcher Vladimir Avinsky, ancient pictograms discovered in caves in the Ural Region of Russia show advanced chemical symbols. Sumeria and Mesopotamia. Zecharia Sitchin believed that several ancient sumerian texts provided evidence that the Gods of Mesopotamia were actually aliens known as Anunnaki from the planet Nibir.

There are a lot of accounts of strange beings and mysterious flying craft it’s hard to deny the possibility. What do you think? Were ancient civilizations visited by Aliens?

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