Check Out The Strangest Explosions In The World

SlappedHamPublished: October 4, 20164 views
Published: October 4, 2016

Today is all about strange explosions. Splosions. Kablamos. Explationez. We look at 5 of the strangest explosions that will make you reassess your world. With this video, you will see some of the most unexpected explosions that you won’t believe your eyes.

First we have explosion Number 5: In 2014 a woman in Barcelona suffered third-degree burns to her legs after the toilet she was sitting on suddenly and terrifyingly exploded.

Number 4: Exploding fruit! That’s right, exploding fruit! The Sandbox tree found in Central and South America has a pumpkin shaped fruit, about the size of a fist, that once ripe will explode with enough force to injure a cow! While this one is not technically a strange explosion we just had to take a look.

No. 3: Exploding head syndrome! It is classified as hypnagogic auditory hallucination where the sufferer may inexplicably hear sounds like bombs going off, gunfire, or cymbals.

Explosion Number 2: the Tunguska Event – A large and very strange explosion, which occurred near the Podkamennaya Tunguska River in Russia in 1908. No one knows for certain what exactly happened but it is the largest impact event in recorded history. It is estimated that 80 million trees were knocked over in a blast radius of 2,150 square kilometres, creating tremors that would have measured 5.0 on the Richter scale
And last but not least, Explosion Number 1: A whale of a strange explosion. This one’s a classic! On November 12, 1970, a 7300-kilo sperm whale beached itself at Florence, Oregon in the United States.

Which one do you find the strangest?

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