People Seem To Struggle To Explain These 10 Photos

SlappedHamPublished: October 4, 2016Updated: October 7, 201617,455 views
Published: October 4, 2016Updated: October 7, 2016

Are you a fan of a good mystery? It seems that whenever the word ‘inexplicable’ is mentioned, most people’s thoughts flicker towards ghosts and the paranormal. But can the deceased really haunt our plane? Many seem to believe so, although when they see photos like these, they have trouble explaining them! Join Slapped Ham as they examine these 10 ghost photos that can’t be explained.

One ghostly photo was taken in 1929 in the Fanham Wood Mill by a builder named Robert D. Walsh. The young builder was repairing the old staircase and needed some reference photos. He said he was alone that morning, but the developed photograph shows a figure hovering over the stairs. He claims its authenticity to his death.

When a large 19th-century family sat down for a group photo, they never expected the developed film to show a haunting face in the window behind them. They believed it was the face of a family member long passed.

Little is knows about this next photo, as it was posted anonymously on a forum for the paranormal in the 90's. Someone took it while exploring an abandoned property and they claim that nothing and no one was with them when they took it.

This following image was taken by Reverend Ralph Hardy in the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England in 1966. The Reverend was taking photos of the Tulip Staircase in the Queen’s House. He said he was alone since the staircase was off limits for visitors. Many experts tried to prove it wasn’t genuine but failed to do so.

Not all ghosts appear in abandoned building or staircase; some pop up uninvited to birthday parties as well. In a photo taken in the 70's, a group of girls is having some fun during a birthday party. When they developed the photo, no one remembered who the girl at the bottom of the photo was. That is until their Grandmother saw it and said that the girl struck a resemblance with her daughter Maree, who passed away at a very young age!

So far we couldn’t explain these apparitions. If this sparked your imagination, keep watching for the rest of the spooky list.


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