None Of These Clips Has A Reasonable Explanation

SlappedHamPublished: October 4, 2016Updated: October 7, 20163,489 views
Published: October 4, 2016Updated: October 7, 2016

Ghosts, spirits and demons, do they really exist? From a creepy kid in an abandoned house to a winged creature caught on camera, join us as we take a look at 5 pieces of terrifying footage that can’t be explained.

If there more to this world than we can perceive? Those misheard whispers and dark figures in our periphery - is it our mind playin tricks on us or is there something more to it?

The first clip shows a group of guys walking through an old, abandoned house and what they find is truly chill-inducing! Things start getting very creepy, very fast for these strollers, as they begin hearing sounds they can’t explain, stuff like whispers and growls. Suddenly they hear something that sounds very much like “pray for me” and a little kid appears out of nowhere. The house is believed to be a Civil-war-ega house, that was heavily damaged by cannon fire. Many people died in that house, but some stayed behind.

The next footage comes from a CCTV camera overlooking Cilandak Town Square in Jakarta. The winged apparition that appears for a second and then swiftly flies away, just as it appears is called “the angel of Jakarta” by many. While this footage could have easily been faked, there is some weightiness to the creature and it swoops to fle ground, as well as the light effects around the creature, as it reflects it light on the surrounding walls. What do you think?

In the following footage, a dad and his daughter are playing hide and seek. But when the dad enters the bedroom, he looks at the corner next to the dresser and sees a pair of glistening eyes and a faint shadow. Thinking it is his daughter, he calls her name and then hears his daughter’s voice coming from the side of the bed. The girl apparently hid under a layer of bedding. But what was that in the corner?

Number two on this list is a CCTV clip from Disneyland, showing a ghostly figure walking the park after hours, when no one was there. It has long been believed that the amusement park is haunted by employees who used to work there; some even believe that it is the ghost of Walt himself! Could this be proof?

On the top of this list is the footage of Elisa Lam, reported missing on January 31 2013. When she failed to check out of the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, an intense police search has begun. The Cecil Hotel had been linked to many mysterious disappearances, murders and suicides. This mystery was the inspiration for the 5th season of the famous American Horror Story series.


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