Prankster Throws Social Experiment To See If People Would Help A Wounded Homeless Man

DMPranksProductionsPublished: October 4, 2016Updated: October 6, 201633,024 views
Published: October 4, 2016Updated: October 6, 2016

Matteo Moroni is just a weird Italian guy with some good ideas! He owns the DM Pranks Productions channel on YouTube, where he is also the Chief Prankster, Creative Director and Filmmaker.

Mateo is known for his horror pranks all over Italy, from flesh-eating zombies, to blood-thirsty clowns with hatchets, chasing people around parking lots. But every once in awhile, Mateo throws a social experiment that will leave you scratching your head. What would you do?

What would you do if you came across a homeless man on the street, who definitely looks like he could at least use a helping hand? Mateo walks around the streets in Italy, dressed like a homeless man and supporting himself with a crutch. Watch what happens every time he “accidentally" drops his old backpack and the contents come pouring out on the street.

Most of the encounters with this fake homeless man end up happy, with people stopping to ask him if he needs help and the unfortunate man accepting politely. There were those who passed him by, even though he was clearly struggling with his crutch and there were those who even offered the man money.

Viewers of the clip online provided explanation for those who refused to stop and help, saying how history is full of criminals who have pretended to be in need of help in order to attract their victims. Still, it seems people would still put aside prejudice, if it means they would make someone’s day a bit better.

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      RadicalKnife · 1 year ago

      I would help, but I would NOT give them ANY MONEY, as many of these homeless people ARE NOT HOMELESS, but are scammers, the rest are drug and alcohol addicts thus giving them money only facilitates their habit!