Junior Haha Eats A Live Tarantula

ViralHogPublished: October 1, 201636 views
Published: October 1, 2016

Occurred on September 17, 2016 / New York, NY, USA

Info from Licensor: "I'm a YouTube stuntman on my channel with tons of craziness! Nothing was more daring than eating a live tarantula! The venom is mild poison, but the little prickly hairs was something I was not prepared for. It felt like swallowing a bunch of mini nails and staring it in the face was another challenge. They have these beady eyes and I had trouble making eye contact with it. It also bit me. My stomach my tongue both were in terrible pain for a good week, but it paid off. This is who I am and what I do. I was in so much pain my stomach felt like constant stabbing. I took some stomach relief later that week, but the pain when it came out - you couldn't even imagine! My tongue was swollen from the bite and felt the little sharp hairs all around it, but it also healed perfect." - Junior Haha

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