An Artist Couple Creates A Colorful And Vibrant Mosaic House

Published September 28, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble The Mosaic Tile House in Venice, LA, California is a testament of two decades of creative partnership between Cheri Pann and husband Gonzalo Duran. They call the kaleidoscopic bungalow “tchotchke heaven”. For the first-time-guest, their little home looks like a reverence to putting the whole shebang possible into cement. The “shebang” is comprised of figurines of hula girls and poodles, baseball bats and a wide arch of coffee cups, their handles pointing skyward. The interior and exterior surfaces of the house is made of a more classical mosaic of smashed pottery pieces and mirror shards.

The artist couple’s meeting was as if from a romantic movie: in 1992 Duran was working at an art supply store and Pann was in need of some acrylic paints. And – it was love at first site. Again, as in great romantic movie’s epilogue, the two art birds still visit the same store for supplies.

Pann originally wished this place to be his art studio. He bought it in 1994 and made tiles for the bathroom. But they had so much fun building together that after the first tile they could not stop creating. Butterfly, camel and giraffe tiles surround the sink, the breakfast bar is under a tireless and yet proud surveillance by a ceramic cockerel. One wall holds the couple’s photographs. Even the kitchen utilities are decorated with paint.

They always work together: she – making the tiles, he – laying them. Pann was pushed by family and professors to pursue accounting, but after going to a Van Gogh show at age 18 she ever looked back. The story behind the Mosaic Tile House actually their love story and is now open for visitors at a cost of $12 per person. Pann hopes the house eventually will be preserved on the National Register of Historic Places.