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Published: September 27, 2016

What does kindness mean to you? Virginia Mahoney, one of the founders of the B kind organization, talks to “Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn on what kindness means to him. In this premier episode of HooplaHa’s new B kind series, Goldwyn says “Kindness is about empathizing and connecting with others”. Virginia’s interview with Goldwyn, who plays President Fitz Grant on the hit ABC show, comes at a most trying time in the world… and in the midst of a highly contested Presidential campaign. But, his message is clear, kindness should be applied to everything a person does.

According to Mahoney, “being kind has the power to change lives and to change the world”, which is why she and her sister, JoJo, created the B kind organization. The organization was inspired by their late father Bill, an incredibly kind, positive, and generous man. B kind, through its chapters in schools and clubs around the country, is all about encouraging acts of kindness in everyday life. Even the smallest acts of kindness are worth recognizing, celebrating, and building a community around.

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