Zeno Mountain Farm – A Friendship Community Where Everyone Matters!

HacksandWhacksPublished: September 22, 20162 views
Published: September 22, 2016

Everyone needs a place where they belong… and that place is Zeno Mountain Farm in VT! Zeno Farm was created in 2008 and is run by Will and Vanessa Halby, and Peter and Ila Halby. At Zeno Mountain they believe that the most important thing in the whole world to us human beings is friendship, community, and the knowledge that we matter to each other. The community is built around projects, currently these include art, film, theatre, sports, music and adventure and they host camps that are comprised of special needs and non-special needs members where they complete a variety of different projects including movies and plays. Zeno Farm is a place where everybody feels like somebody!

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