Dog Perspective GoPro: Samson Searches for Stick and Breaks into Fast Run

goprogosamsonPublished: September 20, 2016Updated: September 27, 2016898 views
Published: September 20, 2016Updated: September 27, 2016

Watch Samson as he handles the tall grass with ease and jump runs in search for the stick (many say he is like a deer in this way). Then he builds up speed until he's out of the tall grass and onto the trail, and breaks into a full speed run. Here you are able to see a beautiful nature setting from his perspective and feel the speed.

Stay tuned for funny videos coming up and more adventure ones, as well as a slow motion one of the momentum buildup to jump high for a stick, where you see his whole body crunch in.

Samson is a 3 year old rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback/Pitbull with a love for nature and adventure and a need for speed.

Transport yourself and experience a whole new perspective. Take a seat and take a ride on Samson's back. Join us to follow the adventure.

Instagram: @GoProGoSamson

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