Check Out These Dinner Hacks Just In Time For Thanksgiving

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Published: September 14, 2016

With Halloween sadly behind us, we got two more great family holidays ahead of us to look forward to. Christmas may be a bit too far away still, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

While it is a great occasion to bring the entire family together, the entire shabang that comes before the get-together can wreak havoc on one’s nerves! The turkey, the yams, pie, decorations...Ugh! If only there were some kind of hacks or tricks to help us get the prep done with, so that we can enjoy the holiday!

Thankfully, Sara Lynn <a href="" target="_blank">the Domestic Geek</a> is here to help us win at the most delicious holiday of the year, with just a few hacks to make that dinner run even more smoothly!

Hit two birds with one stone by lifting that big bird off the pan with some veggies, instead of the rack. They will also flavor your gravy afterwards. Yum!

If you want to avoid dry turkey breasts, lay a bag filled with ice on top of the bird while in the pan, to lower the temperature of the muscle. That way, it will cook more evenly in the oven. Also, keep that skin nice, golden and crispy by drenching a cheese cloth in loads of butter and dress the turkey in it.

Prevent mash potatoes from turning into a gluey mess by heating your milk and butter on the stove before pouring them in the mashed potatoes. It will keep the mash hotter for longer and no more glueyness!

To put the cherry on top, make muffins out of stuffing, or stuffins as Sara Lynn is calling them, to make the ultimate side dish for your <a href="" target="_blank">Thanksgiving dinner</a>. Enjoy!

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