These Two Cats Are Curious About The Dust Mop, But Not Sure If They Can Trust It

TheMeanKittyPublished: September 9, 201671,448 views
Published: September 9, 2016

Mr. Safety decided to play a trick on his family’s two cats in one of the meanest possible ways! He borrowed a dust mop from his neighbor and let it loose on the felines, but not before grabbing his phone and recording the entire hilarious event.

We know cats are curious beings, coming from their ancient hunter instincts. Most of the time, their curiosity puts them in awkward and hilarious situations and, if you manage to capture them on time, they can bring you viral fame! But when it comes to inspecting new stuff around the house, they can become tiny furry creeps, who lurk around corners and in the shadows, curious to find out if this new thing/creature can be trusted.

Sparta “The Mean Kitty" and Loki quickly approached the big, flat thing with its weird looking fur and began their inspection. They were extra cautious on approach, not sure what to expect from it. The moment Mr Safety moves the broom, both cats jump backwards, like a scene from an old-timey movie! What happens next on the floor of the William’s home will make you scratch your head, then have a good belly laugh, because cats.

Cory "Mr. Safety" Williams is an actor and an internet celebrity, with "The Mean Kitty Song" being his most viral video to date.


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