When Cats Are Home Alone, Time Goes By So Slowly

AaronsAnimalsPublished: September 8, 201623,910 views
Published: September 8, 2016

Aaron Benitez is a very talented visual effects artist who has his own creative ways of making amusing short films called "Aaron's Animals". This time cat Prince Michael is the star of the show who is left home for the day. The cat spends her free time in the cutest possible way. Watch this heartbreakingly cute new short film and be amused.

Aaron finds new interesting ways to show what could pets possibly go through when their owners are not at home. This video depicts Prince Michael going through a sweet misery after his owner leaves home. The cat show his true colors and reveals his vulnerable personality.

In this short film, Aaron Benitez is trying to show how cats could be spending their free time when owners leave them home alone. Prince Michael is very sad and makes grumpy faces as he watches over the window, waiting for Aaron to come back home.

Then, the cat is relaxing on the bed and being all sentimental, thinking about all the great times he had with Aaron, while looking at a picture from them two. This nostalgic cat cannot help but miss the owner and even tries to sooth the pain with a big bowl of ice-cream and movies.

When Prince Michael runs out of ideas, he puts his head in the pillow and tries to suffocate his boredom, as time goes by so slowly.

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