Even Cats Have Roommate Pet Peeves

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Published: September 8, 2016

Aaron is the Hoomin. Michael is the Cat. They have managed to achieve a sort of détente as far as their living arrangements go. But of course, this peaceful coexistence could crumble at any time. Why, you might ask? Because everyone has their own way of functioning and there is no way that Michael will adapt to Aaron’s!

Wanna have a drink? Forget drinking from the cup! Michael would much rather slurp his juice with a straw, even if that means scratching on his roomie’s nerves.

Got a lot of dishes in the sink? Michael doesn’t care. He would much rather sit back and relax while watching some dirt bike races on the TV.

Peeing with the door open, while your roommate is expecting guests? Why not, it is Michael’s house too! Why did Aaron have to bring that girl over right in the middle of Michael’s business anyhow?

Also, when it comes to sharing, of course it means that everything of Aaron’s is also Michael’s. They share the house and the cutlery, right? So why not Aaron’s toothbrush as well.

But nothing says menage a trois like when your roommates like to watch a love movie with the sound blaring to the loudest, while you try to get some good night’s sleep. Wanna keep it down, Aaron? Pick a better time to sleep, because Prince Michael is a cat, and cats are nocturnal!

Do you have any roommate pet peeves of your own?

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