Video Of A Cat Accidentally 'Catching' A Burglar Becomes Viral Instantly

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Published: September 8, 2016

While wasting some free time on the Internet, we get to see tons of videos of cute cats, cuddling with their owners, purring and licking their paws. It’s really cute, but they don’t seem to distinguish more from what any regular cat or kitten does. In most cases the owners are the ones that make these cute footages of their felines, but you might wonder what happens when the cat makes one on his own?

This hilarious video tells us how reality looks like when people want to get everyone’s attention on the Internet. The main character in this short movie is a cat desperate for everyone’s attention. His human friend sends him link from a video of a small cute kitten licking his tiny paws. The grey fluffy cat immediately becomes jealous of this kitten’s fame on Youtube, so he decides to make a video on his own.

Pal, licking your paws is only cute when you are a little kitty, not when you’re all grown up! Having only two likes on his YouTube video, this "tomcat" tries filming lots of his different talents, like painting, playing the keyboards, hoola hooping, but nothing seems to work. That’s when this cat decides that he has had enough! He is going to leave his home and go somewhere quiet to clear his thoughts.

Accidentally on his way to the street he hits a man with the car. First he’s terrified of what he has done, but unimaginably, that’s the thing that makes him famous in just few hours. It turns out that the man this cat hit was a burglar operating in his neighbourhood, so the grey furrball is now on the breaking news. His face suddenly appears on all TV stations around the country and people are celebrating his heroic act.

What a turn! A satisfying grin appears on his chubby face! Have a look at this hilarious video that will brighten your day.

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