Melting The Icing Off Doughnuts Has Never Been More Satisfying To Watch

LetsMeltThisPublished: September 8, 201677 views
Published: September 8, 2016

Not feeling productive enough today? Allow us to add a twist to that with this incredibly soothing video! After watching this, we're almost sure you'll be running to the nearest bakery for some tasty donut treat. But don't blame us for that, blame these guys who melt virtually everything!

On today's list, we have a delicious donut with a huge layer of icing. But it's time for that icing to go away in style! Using a blowtorch, these guys watch as the icing slowly disappears and we're left with this perfectly round donut just waiting to be eaten! Don't you just enjoy watching all that beautiful glaze vanish in just seconds? This is just our favorite treat, no doubt about that! And we all love the different types of icing that make these pastry delicacies even tastier. And let's face it, it's much tastier with a frosting, right?

We found this oddly satisfying to watch – and we're more than sure you're gonna agree with us!
So there goes all the productivity for the day! We have to admit, we could watch this all day long, until we fall asleep!
We dare you to watch this and resist the temptation to rush into the nearest shop for your well deserved treat. Word of advice, though – do not, under any circumstances watch this on an empty stomach! You'll deeply regret that. So there it goes, you've been warned. Now, enjoy!

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Song: Killerca

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