This Is What Happens If You Pour Sulfuric Acid On A McDonald's Big Mac

LetsMeltThisPublished: September 1, 2016303,404 views
Published: September 1, 2016

Ever wonder what happens if you soak a McDonald's Big Mac in sulfuric acid? This video shows what happens when you pour sulfuric acid on the McDonald's Big Mac cheeseburger. The results are surprising! It almost looks as if it was left it in the oven for too long. Watch the time-lapse of this video over a 30 minute period.

A Big Mac gets drenched in sulfuric acid. First it kind of looks exactly the same, but then it starts getting gross. A Big Mac is difficult to break down even with sulfuric acid. Just imagine what happens to McDonald’s food in your stomach.
The bun turns dark and loses its pillowy texture. Turns out the sulfuric acid cooked the bun until it turned rock hard rather than a soggy mess. The rest of the Big Mac was only slightly damaged, because its structure protected the other ingredients from getting too destroyed so, the patty, the cheese, the sauce, and the pickles remained in relatively decent shape.

When you chew down on a beefy goodness from McDonald’s, you’re relying on your stomach acid to melt down that big, leathery slice of meat. However, this video shows that maybe you shouldn’t bet too heavily on your stomach winning that fight.

YouTube channel Let’s Melt This says, ‘We originally through the big mac would dissolve into a giant pile of mush. Turns out the sulfuric acid actually cooked the outside of the big mac bun until it was rock hard’.

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    • 2 rumbles
      jcaillier · 9 weeks ago

      You know, slandering a company or person is as low as you can go in my opinion. The total ignorance that you show in how the human body works with this experiment just astounds me. It is blatantly obvious that you didn't pay attention in health class in grade school, middle school, or even high school. So let me educate you, you blithering idiot. First, digestion begins in the mouth, not the stomach. The very act of chewing and the secretion of saliva begins the breakdown of the foods we eat. After we swallow our food, it is delivered to the stomach via the esophagus, where the gall bladder secretes bile to break down fats and your stomach secretes hydrochloric acid, not sulfuric acid. This, combined with the bile further breaks down our food that started to be broken down in our mouths. Then it enters the small intestine where it is further broken down and nutrients are extracted. It then enters the colon where further waste elimination is done, excess water extracted and sent to the kidneys where it is sent to the bladder for elimination. Just so you know, there is no difference between a burger made at McDonald's and your own home. Making this video just showed the entire world how ignorant you really are. Congratulations.

      • 1 rumble
        Demonte7 · 9 weeks ago

        Well SAID..