This women spends her last days with her dog before putting her to sleep

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Rumble / Priceless MomentsEveryone who's made the difficult decision to put their dog to sleep will understand how painful this is. When I first saw these pictures, I couldn't hold back the tears because I also know how much it hurts to say goodbye to your best friend.

In recent months, the dog Hannah had been deteriorating. The medication she took for her failed kidneys and bad hips gave her seizures. But without medicine, Hannah could barely walk—and several times, she even fell down the stairs.

Hannah's mom knew it was time, but still, the decision was incredibly difficult. So in order to make use of their precious time together, she decided to make Hannah's last day on earth the best day of her life.

Hannah's mom photographed their day together and then put the pictures on the the internet. Scroll down to see them.

I was so moved by this.


  • titansrst, 2 years ago

    i am wiping tears from my eyes and cheeks. god bless this woman and her late dog.

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