How To Melt Dry Ice Using A Plastic Soda Bottle

LetsMeltThisPublished: August 25, 2016290 views
Published: August 25, 2016

Dry ice, sometimes referred to as "cardice" (mainly by British chemists), is the solid form of carbon dioxide. It is used primarily as a cooling agent, and its advantages include lower temperature than that of water ice and not leaving any residue). This is why it is mostly used for preserving frozen foods where mechanical cooling is unavailable.

In this video we show you how to melt dry ice using a Coca-Cola soda bottle. When placed under pressure dry ice is able to transform into a liquid state for a short period of time. Eventually the pressure becomes to much for the Coca Cola bottle and it explodes. This experiment is extremely dangerous and under no circumstance should you try to replicate it yourself.

Science is very cool, but oftentimes it can be unrelatable for the common man. That's why everyone loves science experiments which include common household items, because that way we have a better understanding of the otherwise complicated processes that occur. Science videos have become all the rage nowadays, and despite being educational, they are also very interesting to watch. Chemical reactionsare a new internet favorite and their popularity rises with every passing moment.

The reaction ends with the Coca Cola bottle obliterated to pieces, and it explodes too fast for the naked eye to register. Nonetheless, it's a cool experiment to watch, but we'll state the obvious again - do not try this at home!

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