100 Oreo Century Challenge Vs FreakEating

Published August 19, 2016 0 Plays

Rumble / Entertainment LifeOreos were always one of my favorite cookies. I wanted to try the 100 Oreo Challenge, but I put a twist on it: toss them in a bowl and add milk. Make it the Oreo Century Bowl Challenge! Er, cereal bowl... man, that's a lot of sugar. Definitely got my carbs for the day here. One of the harder food challenges I've tried lately. I'd say I did it for FreakEating science... Those 5000+ calories did not go down smoothly. So, please, don't try this at home or anywhere else.

Oreo S'mores Review:

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Music: "Winner Winner," "Batty McFaddin Slower," "LA Groove"
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