This Is What Sulfuric Acid Will Do To Your Canvas Loafers

LetsMeltThisPublished: August 18, 20161,445 views
Published: August 18, 2016

If you are feeling creative and are looking for a fun and quick way to change the color of your tan canvas loafers, then look no further than the chemical cabinet at school. Grab that glass vessel containing the clear, thick liquid that is sulfuric acid and just fill your shoes with the stuff. Now just sit back and watch magic happen.

We hope you didn’t take any of what we just said seriously, because we are here to tell you that: A - you should put your hands in your pockets the moment you hear the word ‘acid’ being pronounced’; and B - do not even think of touching the vessels at the science lab at school. Wrong on so many levels.

However, since sulfuric acid is practically a staple in any household, because your mom uses the stuff to clean the drains in every sink, we think it is pretty cool to see what the compound does to organic and inorganic materials. So, we dug out some lame canvas loafers and sprung to action. experiment time!

Before we continue, we remind you that YOU SHOULD NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Just because it looks somewhat harmless, sulfuric acid is no joke! That stuff will burn your skin even if a tiny drop touches you.

Now let’s turn those khaki colored shoes into a deep purple. As soon as the liquid seeps through the fibers, the fabric instantly changes from a nasty to a gorgeous color. The shoe seems to be holding well; that is, until you touch it. The threading dissolves instantly, while the rest needs just a gentle tug.

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