He Danced To The Same Routine With 100 Other People And The Result Is Amazing

ProjectOneLifePublished: August 17, 201698,067 views
Published: August 17, 2016

Whether you love to dance or you hate dancing altogether, this footage would definitely make you smile and move your hips. It’s the story of dreams and determination, of success and having fun while reaching the stars.

Meet Matt Bray, also known as ProjectOneLife. He has a lot of things on his bucket list and one of them was to dance with a hundred people the same dance routine. So he set out achieving his goal. He travelled all around the United States and Canada looking for people willing to dance with him on video. He incorporated the help of friends and family and strangers on the street to help him get there. He filmed this experience in about 120 days and travelled up to ten thousand miles in order to reach his dream.

After managing to shoot these videos, he came back home to edit them all into one tiny footage of less than 4 minutes, and this is the result. His trip helped him learn new things, meet new people all the while he was making his dream turn into a reality. Beside dancing with a hundred different people, he danced in a hundred different places and he now wishes to dance with people all around the world, not just the North American continent. We wish his experiment succeeds because he can teach us a lot about grasping opportunities, living the dream and having fun. Way to go Matt!

Behind the Scenes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uD6IJi0Q3UI

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