Amazing Birth Of Baby Dolphin Caught On Camera

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Published: August 15, 2016

The birth of a baby dolphin has been captured on camera in a stunning video shot in an aquarium.

The spectacular footage was recorded at the Nemo dolphinarium in the city of Odessa in south-western Ukraine's Odessa Oblast region.

Veterinarians, divers and trainers all kept a close eye on the birth and were ready to step in if problems developed but everything went perfectly.

Mother dolphin Julia was surrounded by her protective pack for the birth but it went quickly and smoothly.

The video, which has gone viral after being posted online, begins with Julia swimming as her baby slowly emerges from her uterus.

Suddenly the calf pops out completely and its mother helps her baby to the surface for its first breath of air.

Experts at the dolphinarium said the baby appeared to be healthy and strong, and that Julia was already teaching it how to swim and dive.

Mother dolphins and their calves have a strong bond. To feed, the baby pokes the mother in the stomach with its nose. The mother emits a cloud of milk into the water which the baby dolphin then swallows.

Nemo is running a competition asking people to suggest a name for the calf. It will be another month before its gender can be determined.

The dolphinarium, which opened in 2005 and claims to be one of the best facilities of its kind in Europe, features daily shows and also allows visitors to swim with dolphins.

The species of dolphin was not disclosed.

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