Young Blind Lioness Saved From Circus

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Published: August 10, 2016

A young circus lioness has been rescued from her bungling trainers who wanted her to be put down because she was going blind after they gave her the wrong medicine.

Lada the 10-month-old lioness was being given calcium injections by staff at the Shapito circus in the southern Russian city of Bratsk but they reportedly miscalculated their doses.

This caused her to develop hardened masses under her skin. Her condition then went from bad to worse as she started to become blind when she was given an overdose of hormones after getting surgery to take out the growths.

The young circus animal then had no chance of performing and was deemed unusable by production staff, who were planning to have her put down.

But an animal shelter in the nearby city of Irkutsk, run by director Vyacheslav Slavin, had other ideas.

Workers at the shelter, who normally take care of dogs in kennels, rescued her from the circus and are now doing their best to bring her back to full health.

Director Vyacheslav Slavin told to local media: "We learned about the fate of Lada and decided to help her. We have had experience with other wild animals and we have everything that is needed to create normal living conditions for her here in our kennels."

And Lada is not the only wild animal to have been taken in, she reportedly has wolves and a lynx for neighbours.

Vets at the shelter also think they can reverse the damage done by the hormone therapy and restore Lada's eyesight.

The lioness is reportedly settling in well and is currently getting used to her new nursery area at the animal shelter.

Vet Yulia Volynova said: "Now Lada is going through her adaptation period. It will take two to three weeks to ease her stress which was caused by transportation.

"Then we will examine her more carefully, and make a decision about what to do next."

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