Adorable Endangered Baby Giraffe Born At Zoo

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Published: August 5, 2016

This heart-warming footage shows a rare baby giraffe from an endangered species that has just been born at a zoo.

The baby male was born at the Barcelona Zoo, in Spain’s eastern Catalonia region.

The Rothschild's giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis rothschildi) is one of the most endangered giraffe subspecies. There are currently around 500 of the endangered species living in captivity and less than 700 estimated to be living in the wild.

The baby giraffe was born without any need for human intervention and is in good health according to vets at the zoo. Mother Nuru has been very attentive to her baby after the one-and-a-half hour birth and she is expected to nurse him for the first year of his life.

Citizens of Barcelona will get to choose the giraffe’s name in an online competition.

According to officials at the zoo the baby giraffe has spent most of its young life inside with its mother but has recently started to explore the outdoors as well.

The young giraffe also recently met its father, Kayac, who is the only other male giraffe there. They were allowed to see each other, but actually spending time together will have to wait until the baby is a bit older, in case there is a physical confrontation.

The introduction of giraffes to the Barcelona Zoo is part of a conservation programme for endangered species by the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. This is the first birth of a giraffe inside the zoo, which also houses lions and elephants, among other species.

The birth of the endangered Rothschild's giraffe has been heralded as a big success for the conservation programme.

According to the Giraffe Research association fewer than 700 individual Rotschild’s Giraffes remain in the wild, with the species’ future hanging in the balance.

The Rothschild's giraffe comes from Kenya and Uganda where they currently live in fragmented groups. There was also a population in Sudan which has already become extinct.

The conservation programme hopes to ensure this species survives in captivity as well as carry out conservation efforts to make sure they do not die out in the wild.

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