Fireman Makes Forest Of Crosses Out Of Burnt Trees

CENPublished: July 28, 2016Updated: August 3, 201658 views
Published: July 28, 2016Updated: August 3, 2016

A fireman used burnt trees to make 1,200 crosses, one for every hectare of forest ravaged by a fire a year ago.

The fire raged for five in the municipality of Odena, in the north-eastern Spanish region of Catalonia.

After the massive loss of forested land, local fireman Marc Sellares began his project ‘El bosc de les creus’ (The forest of crosses) to express his feelings.

He said: "The idea was to make a tree into a sculpture that could reflect the feelings I had in that moment."

Using the burnt trees Sellares has spent the last year making large crosses, one for each hectare of forest that was burnt down, finishing the project in time to mark the end of the one year mourning period.

The eerie landscape aims to embody the desolation of fire-ravaged land and it has become a local symbol as well as a tourist attraction.

Marc said: "People come up to see it, they get emotional, they cry. They tell me that their hair stands on end. I believe it has a strong potential to make people aware of the risk of forest fires and to make them more responsible about avoiding starting them."

The forest of crosses has reached international fame and become a stage to film performances, music video clips and a short film as well as being visited by professional photographers.

Although Marc says he has been approached by art galleries he has rejected various proposals because this was a personal journey, and he does not want to make money from it.

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