Big Cat Says "NO" - PetTube

PetTubePlanetsFunniestAnimalsPublished: July 27, 2016Updated: July 28, 2016112,629 views
Published: July 27, 2016Updated: July 28, 2016

Being a little kitten has to be the best. What can your biggest concerns be? You sleep most of the day and if you are not sleeping, then you are either eating or playing!

Apparently this little guy has had his meal and a very good, long nap, so it is play time! Momma is right there, looking like easy prey. So kitty sits there, lurking, as momma cat is grooming herself and minding her own business.

Kitten pounces with confidence, only to be smacked down by momma’s paw! No worries, kitten will make another attempt but nope, another smackdown. I guess third time’s the charm, so kitty makes a thorough assessment of the situation before he delivers his final blow, only to be thrown across the bed! No means no, kitty!

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