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Published: July 27, 2016Updated: July 28, 2016

Being a little kitten is the best thing in the world. You have no worries, you sleep most of the day and when you are not sleeping, you either eat or play.

It's hard not to love a kitten, even if you're a cat. In general, most adult cats will tolerate, if not show affection for, any kitten, especially their own. Even the most standoffish cat will nurture and enjoy her own kittens up to a point. But when those little fluff balls grow up, it's every cat for herself, including mommy cats.

Apparently this little one has had his meal and took a very good, long nap, so now it is play time. Momma is right there and looks like an easy prey. Kitty just sits there lurking as momma cat is grooming herself and minding her own business.

Moments later, kitty pounces with confidence, only to be smacked down on the bed by momma’s paw. That one came out of nowhere and was unexpected for the little guy. No worries, kitten will make another attempt but nope, another smack-down.

Third time is always the charm, so kitty makes a thorough assessment of the situation before he delivers his final blow, only to be thrown across the bed, again. No mercy, "no means - NO", kitten.

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