Woman Likes To Take A Nap With Her Holstein Cow

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No one can deny the power of a good quality power nap. There have been university studies that show how even a very short nap can enhance memory processing, while one NASA study looked into the effects of napping on pilots on long flights and have reported that they can “maintain or improve subsequent performance, physiological and subjective alertness, and mood."

This woman from the United Kingdom seems to be well aware of the positive effects of napping, so much so that she has a buddy in her naps! Lisa Brown from Herefordshire, England, UK, likes to take naps in the nature with her cow Jimmy.

Lisa says: "I was out in the fields early one morning, and Jimmy lay down to snooze, which he does often. I took my cup of coffee and went to sit with him. I was scratching and stroking him, and he began to lean on me and then pushed me gently back until I was basically his human pillow! Jimmy has a very peaceful nature, but he's also a comic genius!"

Watching the bull getting himself comfortable with the woman makes you realize how strong a bond can be created when you have love and respect for one another, like Lisa has with her nap partner Jimmy.

The Holstein cows are the most common dairy animals in the US and it is easy to see why. They are unsurpassed in milk production, they adapt easily to a wide range of environmental conditions and are fairly cheap to keep, compared to what they are capable of producing for their owners. In fact, top-producing Holsteins milked three times a day have been known to produce over 72,000 pounds of milk a year. Not to mention the cuddles!

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