Cops on foot chased OAP tractor joyrider

CENPublished: July 22, 2016114 views
Published: July 22, 2016

This is the moment a police officer started chasing a homemade tractor after it attempted to escape down a woodland path.

The police officer spotted the tractor carrying two men - who later turned out to be drunk - swerving from side to side on a road in Kamenets District in south-western Belarus's Brest Oblast.

When they sounded the horn and flashed their lights however, the tractor driver put his foot down and tried to speed off.

The tractor driver however realised pretty quickly that it was highly unlikely he would be able to outrun the police car in his home-made and illegal vehicle.

As a result he swerved off the road, and disappeared off down a forest trail where the police car would be unable to follow.

Because of the poor light, the video from the police car is less easy to follow, but it is clear that the trail starts to get narrower and more rugged. And inevitably the police car eventually gets stuck.

But it did not stop the police officer continuing the chase as he jumped out of the car and ran after the tractor on foot.

Although it was able to continue a little bit further, it was much slower over the rugged terrain and the officer was able to pull the 62-year-old driver of the vehicle and arrest him.

User ‘mr_murlakotam’ commented: "He had so much fun. It’s a shame he couldn’t get away."

User ‘werdikt’ added: "Wow, how didn’t he escape from the police in the woods on a tractor?"

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