Check Out What Molten Aluminum Does To An Unopened Soda Can

LetsMeltThisPublished: July 18, 201659,779 views
Published: July 18, 2016

In the pleiad of videos featuring one of the easiest metal to melt, we get to see what would happen if you decided to open a can of soda with it, instead of, you know, your fingers. The guys at Lets Melt It threw a bunch of aluminum into a smelter and poured the contents over a fresh, unopened can of Coke.

Now, one might probably think that, since the can is also made out of aluminum, the molten metal would either fuse to the can or melt it through, but you also might be forgetting the can’s contents. Coke is a fizzy liquid, meaning it is packed with carbon dioxide, which builds up pressure as it releases and it eventually stops releasing.

The heat from the molten metal causes the atoms in the gas to move quicker, therefore making the gas unstable. Faster moving particles release more energy and that energy has to go somewhere! It is not enough to melt through or break the walls of the can, but the opening by the lip of the can has been scored for easier opening, so that line is the first to bust. Boom - fizzy, bubbly, caramelly explosion!

The clip might tempt you to try this at home, but don’t be fooled - aluminum isn’t THAT EASY to melt :)

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