Cat Enjoys A Roller Coaster Ride In The Comfort Of His Own Home

GriffinHammondPublished: July 16, 201624,624 views
Published: July 16, 2016

Let’s not kid ourselves - roller coaster rides are an acquired taste. First of all, because it takes a lot of guts to be able to endure it all, and second, not everyone is an adventurer in the first place. It takes a certain taste for the unknown to enjoy a ride like that, with between 4 and 6 Gs of pressure.

Still, there are a lot of converts out there, folk who have had a taste of the thrill that is a roller coaster ride and did not look back since. You get a better sense at life when your feet touch solid ground after a ride.

But have you wondered which animal would be a natural-born roller coaster fan? We would like to think that cats have the stronger stomachs for it. They are able to run really fast and jump really high, making them the sort-of adventurers of the animal kingdom. Adrenaline junkies, if you will. As proof, we would like to offer you this clip of Andy, Griffin Hammond’s orange tabby cat.

Griffin calls for his fur buddy to climb into a basket, before picking him up in it and taking him for a simple little coaster ride along his home. It seems Andy is really enjoying it. Griffin turns and swerves like a regular coaster ride and the cat keeps his cool all the way down to the living room area.

But when the basket douches down after a second ride around the kitchen and dining room, Andy was quick to jump out of the basket. It would seem that one ride is just enough.

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