Compassionate Bear Saves The Life Of A Drowning Crow

AnimalWirePublished: July 13, 201613,958 views
Published: July 13, 2016

Talk about a crazy story! A hero bear goes into action and saves a drowning bird in this heartwarming rescue at the Budapest Zoo in Hungary. One unfortunate crow fell into the water hole of the bear’s enclosure. There is a brown bear in the Budapest zoo in Hungary that goes by the name of Vali who has surprised a great deal of people with his responsible manners.

Footage shows a desperate crow who seems to have run out of options, either stay in the water and drown or scale that vertical ledge and get destroyed by the huge bear. Stuck in a predicament 'damned if you do, and damned if you don't' moments.

Little did we know that Vali is the hero who's going to save the day, since he is the guard on duty. Contrary to popular believes, the big scary bear actually saves the little crow from its somber destiny. Unbelievable!

The bear can be seen descending onto a rock in the pond, where there is already a cut of meat waiting for him to munch on, and pokes his muzzle towards the bird. Apparently, the bird didn’t like the sight of the bear’s nose and might have peck at it, because the bear can be seen snatching his head real quick, letting the bird swim away.

After noticing the bird in danger, Vali the bear reaches into the water, lifts it by its wing, and drops the crow safely, much to the surprise of everyone who went to visit the Grizzly at the zoo. One might think that the bear was actually excited to find something other than carrots and apples in his enclosure, but that is clearly not the case, as the ursine calmly goes back to munch on an apple, after dropping the bird on dry land.

Surely, if the bear wanted to chow on something meatier, he would have ended that poor crow’s life the minute he caught it in the water. Faith in the animal kingdom restored!

Credit to Aleksander Medves.

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