Alien-Looking Creature With Human-Like Dentures Discovered In The Depths Of The Ocean

AnimalWirePublished: July 12, 201613,464 views
Published: July 12, 2016

Don't be frightened by its appearance as sometimes appearances are deceptive. We are in the ocean again where things start to get freaky! Let us introduce you to this beautiful baby angel, Promachoteuthis sulcus, she is one of a kind and was found in the southern Atlantic by a German research vessel in March 1971.

This weird, alien looking creature is scientifically known as Promachoteuthis sulcus. It is a rare, newly discovered deep-sea squid, best known for its seemingly human-like mouth. The species is only known by a single specimen that was caught in 2007, in the nets of the German research vessel "Walther Herwig", near the Tristan Da Cunha islands, at a depth of 5,740–6,560 ft.

If you add eight legs and two tentacles to a strange-looking squid with human-looking teeth you get one very odd-looking Promachoteuthis sulcus. This deep sea squid is the only specimen ever discovered.

As for the creepy “teeth”, they are actually not teeth at all, but circular, folds of soft tissue, with only the upper and lower portions of lips visible. Deep inside the mouth, behind the teeth it has a small razor-sharp beak, used to chop and chew prey. Despite its hideous appearance, this weird creature poses no threat to humans.

The angle in the first footage doesn’t show this creature in its true colors. However, if you flip it over you will realize that she has got a big set of pearly whites that are sure to haunt you in even your most deepest of dreams. The 2007 specimen was barely an inch long, and scientists say they don't grow to be much bigger.

In addition, this is one very mystique creature, having in mind that this is the only specimen that have ever been discovered. Namely, its details were never even published until 2007, somewhat thirty years later and hopes that more of them will be found, which of course never really happened. So, hardly anything is known about this species. In fact, it doesn’t even have an official common name yet. Let’s call it the floating gob-faced squid!

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