Monster Great White Shark Virtually Tears Smaller Shark In Half

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Published: July 12, 2016

A great white shark was bitten in half by a giant great white shark in the waters off Stradbroke island in Australia. The size of the attacking great white shark is not exactly known, but experts believe it is around 20 feet.

A monster great white shark is believed to have bit another great white virtually in half. The smaller 10ft shark was vulnerable to the attack after being caught on a drumline, which is a controversial device used to reduce the amount of shark attacks at popular beaches by capturing them onto hooks that attached to floating buoys.

The size of the perpetrating great white is not exactly known, as estimations by jaw-size and bitemarks are considered to be inaccurate. However, experts believe that to cause that much damage, it must be close to the species maximum size, of approximately 20 ft. Great whites tend to avoid conflict with each other, but cannibalism does occur from time to time.

Usually, non-violent threat displays are enough to resolve most matters. In South African populations, a dominance hierarchy has been observed with females dominating males, larger sharks dominating smaller ones, and residents dominating newcomers. The fact that this smaller shark was stuck on a hook and unable to properly respond to the larger shark’s actions, probably played part in this unusual event. But by all means, these astounding photos are evidence of how powerful great whites really are.

Raw footages of sea life can be really horrifying on times, and this is exactly such video! Brace yourselves, as you're about to witness a scary situation when a shark is bitten by another great white shark, whose size is yet to be determined.

When fishermen and divers pull it out of the sea, they couldn’t believe their eyes! As they witnessed the horrible scene of this shark's injured body, they couldn't help but notice that there has been a huge battle underwater. The smaller shark, known to have been around 10 feet long, was vulnerable to the attack, since it had been caught in a drumline.

Experts on the other hand believe that in order to cause such damage, the shark that made the bite had to have been around the maximum length known for the species, which is around 20 feet. Watching at the bitemarks inflicted onto smaller shark’s body, we can only imagine how powerful these beasts are. Who knows what triggered this great white to go after one of its own. Maybe the fragility of the trapped shark additionally boosted the beast to regard it as a prey.

Great whites do not attack each other, although there have been recorded acts of cannibalism. Usually non-lethal displays of violence are enough to settle most disputes between individuals. The fact that the smaller one was bound and unable to respond properly to the other’s attacks probably played a crucial part in the event.

If you are intrigued by sharks, you should also take a look at this video featuring a shark exhibit at the International Spy Museum, which is terrifying those who are easily scared. The exhibit shows a screen that looks like an aquarium, with a sign reading ‘touch at your own risk’ above it. When you touch the glass, it triggers a fake shark that then comes charging at the glass, cracking it when it makes contact!

This fake museum exhibition is very real and it is no surprise that the guy in this footage, Gregory, falls to the floor when he touches the glass, not knowing that it will trigger a fake shark that comes banging its head on the glass, fake cracking a whole on it. The man immediately screams and falls on the floor, with his hand holding his chests, startled with disbelief.

This is a very realistic prank, but it can be deadly for those who suffer heart problems, so it shouldn’t be displayed for everyone, or there should at least be some kind of warning!

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      mx79 · 1 year ago

      Rather than cordoning off areas of water, and/or hooking sharks just because they occasinally attack people, how about people stay the fuck out water where sharks are known to fucking swim?!? It's not goddamn rocket science. Logic. It exists for a reason.

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      starzfan31 · 1 year ago

      Love how the sharks have to suffer because humans want to be in their home.