Epic Fight Between King Cobra And Python On Singapore Street

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Published: July 12, 2016

It is a title worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster! Two or the largest and deadliest snakes in the world fought viciously on a street in Singapore, leaving witnesses baffled at the sight!

The two slickers made their way through the dense jungle and onto the busy city streets, right in front of a college campus.. Who do you think will win in such a battle, the python or the cobra?

Footage shows a King Cobra interlocked with the Reticulated Python. This was indeed a fierce battle, given Cobra's exclusive diet on other snakes. Actually their scientific name translates into "snake eater". However, in this scenario the tables have been turned, since the Python is controlling the game. The python will eventually ease its grip on the way to paralysis, allowing the Cobra to slip away and escape the scene.

One witness said that, during the fight which lasted around 30 minutes, the python had wrapped its small body around the much bigger cobra’s head. After keeping the bigger snake in a chokehold, the cobra, estimated to have been between 10 and 12 feet long, managed to slip out of the python’s deadly headlock and slithered off into the bushes. The venomous didn’t leave without saying her final goodbye, biting its rival and injecting it with its poison.

Both reptiles were later captured by authorities; the python was caught on the street, while the snake was found in the bushes a few hours after.

Another similar incident was filmed on the MacRitchie Nature Trail on the Northern side of the reservoir, where both species are indigenous to the jungles and both snakes are apex predators.

Python vs Cobra Footage Courtesy: Youtube/Hement Kumar

Supporting Media:
Python vs Cobra Photos: Abhishek Ambede/NTU
Cobra Eating Small Snake: Lip Kee
King Cobra next to Man: Dr

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