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Published: July 12, 2016

Massive School of Anchovies. Anchovies by the millions moved into the coastal waters off La Jolla, California creating a mind blowing cloud of blackness for as far as the eye could see. Nothing of the sort had been seen so close to shore for decades making this natural event all the more spectacular.

It is unheard of anchovies hugging the coast, like as seen in the video. These little fish tend to prefer the much cooler waters, which are located further out from the coastal waters. Before deciding to accompany anchovies in the water near you, be aware that they are prey for much larger fish that can in fact attack.

This unbelievable sight is part of an extremely rare occurrence, meaning that this type of behavior rarely happens. How cool! Millions and millions of anchovies, stretching across the coast for as long as the eye can see, now that's something!

Check out this crazy school of anchovies found on the coast of California!

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