Killer Whales Spotted Chasing A Fin Whale In California

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Published: July 12, 2016

When large cetaceans are confronted by the threat of killer whales, the have two potential options to secure survival - either fight or flight. Which strategy will be employed depends on the swimming ability of the species. So it might come as a surprise to you that an enormous marine mammal, such as this fin whale, choose to flee!

These aquatic giants, measure up to 90 feet from head to tail, but their bodies are thin and streamlined, which allow them to travel at high speeds over great distances - a talent that comes at a cost to maneuverability. The whale must outpace its pursuers or perish. To pull this off, the whale needs to maintain speed greater than 10 to 12 miles per hour. Such speeds are well within its means, but is more than just a race.

The pod of orcas are working cooperatively together to physically impede the whale’s movement. They bite and hold onto its fins, forcefully ramming into the whale’s body, and jumping on top of it, to submerge and cover its blowhole. All of this is incredibly taxing, because fatigue and injury setting in too early, making the whale surrender completely and give up without much of a fight.

In this clip’s scenario, shot in the Gulf of California, the whale does eventually succumb to the pod, something that is an extremely rare sight. Fin whales are generally not worth the orca’s effort, since dead fin whales sink very quickly and the killer whales can only consume small portions of its body.

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      ccc · 1 year ago

      Can you please call them Orca's they are dolphins