This Smiling Corgi Is One Happy Pup

GreatGatsbytheCorgiPublished: July 11, 20161,372 views
Published: July 11, 2016

Just like all Corgis, Gatsby is one happy Corgi Puppy! He has the best dog smile around (to brighten your day). Watch this montage of his Corgi Smiles along with incredibly cute moments while he grows before your eyes! What a cute and adorable corgi puppy!

Gatsby is a Tri Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He loves everything that other pups love - his toys, his owner, his bed and his food bowl. When he gets all of those, Gatsby knows how to show it - with a big, puppy smile. Who can not love a face like that one?

Honestly, we know that most of the time Gatsby is just panting after a hard day of having fun with his owner, but the face he makes really makes him look like a happy little pup. There is a fierce debate on whether or not animals can actually smile. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect that the smiles we see on these animals are a case of our tendency to see human faces in everything around us.

Many animals have different complex visual cues to express their emotions that may preclude the need for smiling. Dogs already communicate with each other by raising their haunches, baring their teeth, changing their postures and raising, lowering or wagging their tails, so it would be reasonable to expect that smiles just aren’t a part of their already complex physical vocabulary.

Still, a little Corgi puppy can always go an extra mile and make everyone else happy, just like Bandit the Corgi did when he waddled through Santa Monica pier in the pursuit of pets. Everybody loved the interaction with the happy pup!

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