Monster Hammerhead Shark Caught In Oman For Its Fins

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Published: July 11, 2016

In a sad turn of events, a fisherman in Oman presents his catch of the day - a 15-foot-plus hammerhead shark. The individual, which is one of the largest ever recorded of the species, is probably caught for its fins, which assuming by its size are relatively huge. Hammerhead shark fins can fetch up to $100 per pound and are the key ingredient in a local delicacy, shark fin soup.

Due to the high demand for its characteristically large fins, the species’ recent listing as endangered is long overdue.

According to Animal Wire, “sharks have a special place in Oman’s history; the flesh is used in a number of traditional dishes and the oil from their livers is used to waterproof the hulls of wooden dhows (a type of ship).

“Archaeological studies have revealed the presence of shark remains in old settlements, indicating that they have been utilized for centuries, and possibly even millennia. It is therefore no surprise to find that sharks still form an important part of the fishing and culinary cultures of modern Oman.

“However with the increasing demand for shark fin for use in the Far East there has been a serious decline in catches and landings of sharks from Oman’s coastal waters. Consequently, now more than ever, responsible catch and release angling for sharks should be encouraged and practiced."

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