Tossing Live Bullets Into Molten Aluminum Is An Explosively Bad Idea

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Published: July 9, 2016

Finally, a backyard experiment that might just actually ask for a disclaimer. But Kevin Kohler, our Backyard Scientist isn’t one for disclaimers, so he will just show you what tossing live bullets into molten aluminum and molten pewter results in.

Please don’t ever do this at home. Or anywhere else, for that matter. Mixing bullets with molten aluminum creates a hell of an explosion. The result is a volatile spray of the hot liquid metal everywhere, and that’s just a terrible idea. Those things are flying with extreme speeds and no amount of distance can keep you permanently safe. It can end badly, that’s why you should sit back, pop one open and let the Backyard Scientist handle it.

In the footage, shot with Kevin’s unlucky GoPro, he tosses 15 bullets at a bowl of molten aluminum and luckily, only three make it in, because the resulting explosion is so huge that I can’t even imagine the bomb that would have happened if all 15 made it in.

One cool sequence in the video is that you can see an individual bullet make contact with the molten aluminum and then immediately jump right out of the bowl and then explode into pieces. Lucky it didn't go very far.

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