A simple tool saved this man's life. See how he's using it to save others.

Published July 7, 2016 825 Views

Rumble / Everyday HeroesAfter one LA man hit rock bottom, only meditation could save him! Swami Varadan was born in India and moved to Silicon Valley when he was two-years old. His adult life seems to be perfection, working on the radio with Ryan Seacrest and then with iHeart Media. He seemed to have it all… until he lost it all. Within the span of a month, after losing his car, his job and his home, Swami had no other choice than to move in with his parents in their 2 bedroom Northern California apartment at the age of 31. Shortly after his arrival, Swami’s uncle, grandmother and best friend passed away.

After losing his best friend to cancer, Swami fell into a deep depression. Still unemployed, he to dove into severely unhealthy patterns and addictions. He was 30 seconds away from literally walking in front of a train when he had an out of body spiritual awakening. He left the train track and promised to better his life and better others.

He is now a meditation and mindfulness teacher in Los Angeles, Indian cook and is back on the radio, passing on advance about his own transformation to others. Swami’s goal is to bring mindfulness to the masses, specifically focusing on the millennial population, as well as the impoverished the underprivileged. He teaches meditation at The Boys and Girls clubs of East Los Angeles and at different schools in Los Angeles!


  • warriorbride, 3 years ago

    If Jesus spoke to him then why would he go back to his demonic lifestyle and share it with others, he was supposed to find Jesus not another false god that doesn't talk to you, and then he is teaching these demonic teachings to children to open them up to Demons IN THEIR LIVES ? what is the Boys and Girls Club so IGNORANT of this ? shocking how so many will go to the Judgement Seat of Jesus Chrst when they die and will have to give an account of what they did for Jesus, for what he is doing is just good deeds that wont get you into heaven, you MUST be BORN AGAIN and serve Jesus not another god which is IDOLATRY! and a SIN against God who SAVED YOUR LIFE for no one else spoke to you but HIM for no other god is ALIVE and can speak TO US !!!! Now he passes down his false god to other chldren so that they can also NOT find Jesus Christ and will go to hell like him, they PERISH for LACK OF KNOWLEDGE, God is love yes but he is also THE GOD of Judgement and He will NOT allow anyone into heaven that follows a false god for the 10 commandments tells us this, you MUST REPENT of your sins and and make Jesus your savior and follow his bible or you will NOT enter heaven, but this guy was to IGNORANT to understand this ! how sad I pray that he will find JEsus before its too late, for time is so SHORT and he is coming soon and we will ALL have to give an account of our actions and words when we go before God and he will ask us what did we do for HIM not OURSELVES or our accomplishments or success, it was if you SERVED JESUS !

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