Magician Makes Carrot Disappear Into Thin Air Leaving Alpacas In Awe

JoseAhonenPublished: July 6, 2016522 views
Published: July 6, 2016

A hilarious video has emerged of a man performing magic tricks for alpacas, leaving the unsuspecting animals mind-blown after he makes a delicious carrot treat disappear into thin air!

Meet Jose Ahonen, a self-proclaimed magician and mind-reader, who likes to perform magic tricks to different animals and see their reaction to disappearing objects.

Footage shows alpacas going crazy and losing their minds after Jose offers them carrots but makes the treat disappear before it gets into their mouth. Watch how dazzled these alpacas get to seeing this magic trick happen in front of their eyes. How did he make the tiny carrot disappear into thin air? They start sniffing Jose’s fingers with the hope that they will eventually spot the missing carrot somewhere in between his fingers!

Many of the alpacas confused Jose’s fingers for the carrot and tried biting away in desperate search for the carrot. Hilarious! It is funny how one of the alpacas started nibbling on man’s fingers, licking away the last remaining scent of the carrot. However, the carrot is nowhere to be seen and alpacas start to get angry!

After mistaking the carrot with man’s thumb, alpacas get sick of playing the hide-and-seek game. They saw a delicious carrot and tried to eat it, but the carrot is out of sight and there is no sign of it in their tummies as well! So, what happened to that delicious treat?

One alpaca got very upset and turned its back on the magic boy, as it didn’t want to deal with him anymore, being sick of his games.

At the end of the video, one of the deceived alpacas decided to munch on a straw and forgot all about the orange delight! Who needs disappearing carrots when you have endless amounts of hay!

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