We Present You The World's Largest Glass Viewing Platform

Teetering 2519 feet above sea level, and 1312 feet above the floor of stone forest valley near Beijing, this is the world's largest glass viewing platform.

The breath-taking observation deck opened to the public on May 1, 2016 and has quickly drawn the attention of daredevil tourists. This attraction is set to be a very popular tourist destination, both for those looking for a thrill or a way to remedy their vertigo.

The bridge and platform are both made out of glass, leaving many visitors feeling a little sick. The platform is 4,470 square feet in size as it protrudes more than 107 feet over the edge of the cliff face it's set against. A glass-bottomed walkway leads to a circular viewing platform which is often windy.

Some visitors are so scared to look down and clutch their hands to the railings, unable to let go of their grip. Others would rest on the platform or even do push-ups. This transparent walkway is both scary and exciting!

Footage shows that this breathtaking platform hangs over a rocky cliff with lush mountains ranging as far as eyes can see in the background.

Watch as some tourists struggle to walk on the platform, while others cannot get enough of the transparent floor and stare down the vertical rock underneath their feet.

Known as the "flying saucer" this attraction provides those brave enough to confidently stride across. It is offering visitors with incredible, bone-chilling views of nature. Would you dare to climb up this platform and look down?

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