Heat-Proof Summer Hairstyles

KalynNicholsonPublished: June 26, 201674 views
Published: June 26, 2016

Ah, summer. It is the time to be free and to have fun. The sun is shining all day, every day, you ge to visit the beach and the ocean and make some awesome memories.

But with the summer comes scorching heat and heavy humidity, and we don’t have to tell you what heat and humidity does to your body. You sweat profusely and if you have a long hair, you just want to cut it all off and end the agony!

What if we could give you four awesome, simple, heat-proof and sweat-proof ideas of how to pull your hair away from your face and not regret cutting it all off come fall? All you would need are ten nimble fingers, a few hair ties and some imagination!

Try brushing your bangs away from your face and twisting them in a rope, then pinning it in the back of your head for whimsical half up-half down style. If you want to keep your neck cool as well, braid them in a French braid and then pull the rest of the hair in a high ponytail. Don’t want your hair tight at the crown? Make a loose braid to the side of your neck; if will keep your hair away and still look very classy.

If you are going to an even and you want something more feminine, just grab an elastic headband of your choice, put it on top of your hair and begin wrapping sections of your hair around the headband. You will get a nice Grecian hairstyle that still let’s you keep cool.

If you liked these ideas, make sure to share it with your friends to keep them cool in the summer too!

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