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Published: June 24, 2016

It is really handy to have your own obedient groundhog raise your flag every time the holiday season comes up. This patriotic groundhog raises the American flag. Happy July 4th!

This groundhog is the real star of America. He is so into his job, as the flag-raiser guy, that he also wears a hat that matches the flag. What a nice way to pay tribute and celebrate a national holiday.
Watch how he patiently uses his little hands to slowly take the American flag up the pole, after which he waits for a treat from his owner.

This little fellow is so into his job so he doesn't even mind the cat that walks by curiously, wandering around and wondering what he's up to. He is so adorable just by standing there on his back feet, with his hands raised high to manage the flagpole position.

Then comes the second part of the show, the groundhog is now slowly taking the flag down, after which he gets a bigger treat. It is very unusual to see pets take part in national holidays; it is like Groundhog Day celebration has come indeed. The owner must have had a fun time teaching this pet to take a patriotic stand.

If you are fascinated with groundhogs as much as we are, we bet that you would just love this next video where a groundhog stuffs cheeks for a long winter. To a groundhog, Groundhog's day means one thing, time to sleep in for another six weeks. This little guy is stuffing his cheeks with tissues so he can tough it out during the long winter. It's really a travesty that humans don't get to hibernate too. We just need some bold people to start the trend! The phrase " Groundhog day" came into use after the release of the American comedy with the same name directed by Harold Ramis with Andy McDowell with Bill Murray in the leading role. The hero of the film "Groundhog Day", the TV journalist Phil Connors goes to shoot a report with the assistant Rita report in a small town of Punksatoni in Pennsylvania.

The report should be dedicated to the national holiday - Groundhog Day, which really exists and is celebrated in the US every year on February 2. According to popular beliefs, on this day the marmot comes out of its mink and, if the weather is sunny, he sees the shadow that he throws. It is believed that the marmot is scary, and he again hides in the hole - in this case, the winter will last six more weeks. If the weather is cloudy, then the shadows do not see shadows, and this means that the spring will come soon. In honor of the marmot meteorologist, it is customary to organize folk festivals.

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