Wife Catches Cheating Husband Gets Revenge @Hodgetwins

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      warriorbride ยท 13 weeks ago

      I CAN'T LISTEN to you guys you call women bitches and any man that does have has NO RESPECT for a woman at all, so do you think that your mother would like to be called that ? Do you think that if your mother heard you call a woman that, she would think that she didn't raise men who were respectful of women at all? A man that calls a woman that is verbally abusive and your profanity is HORRIBLE to listen to and if you want people to watch your videos, then STOP CUSSING for only slim balls wants to listen to your filthy foul mouth do you kiss your mother with that mouth or does she know about your filthy foul cussing at all ? SHAME ON YOU ! Its OFFENSIVE and nasty to watch you too !