Curious Kittens Closely Observe Every Move Of Their Hamster Pet

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Published: June 24, 2016

This is the moment when two curious cats closely observe their pet hamster race through its habitat, hesitating whether it is food or toy! Many pets co-exist in a home, be it cats and dogs or cats and rodents. The first meeting is crucial because animals need a proper introduction to existing members of the family.

This owner decided to give this unusual friendship a try. He separated the two breeds by keeping the hamster in its cage and the cats loose in the apartment. Now, he has a very hard task to do, i.e. to convince the cat that the rodent is a friend and not a prey.

Footage shows two kittens hanging beside hamster’s cage and observing the rodent from a close distance. Watch as they curiously shadow every move he makes! They are anxiously wagging their tails, wondering whether the hamster is a toy or a food. Look how stiff their body language is, as they keep on hunching over to watch the rodent’s every move. These felines sure have a prey-driven temperament and introducing them to the hamster could be dangerous and end in tragedy!

Owner should take things into his own hands and demonstrate to the cats that the hamster is a family member by talking to the rodent and stroking it. Gradually, he should let them to sniff each other out since animals rely on their sense of smell to identify and get used to one another.

Judging by the way these cats look at the hamster, we can assume that they are about to displays some act of hostility and harm the rodent. This happens due to cat’s high predator instincts.
Maybe owner separated the hamster in a plastic, transparent cage which ideally protects the rodent from felines’ swiping claws. However, having cats follow your every step can be very traumatizing for the hamster, no matter if the cage is secure.

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